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    At HR Talent Source, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington, we are all about bringing you the best HR and Executive talent in the Pacific Northwest. Having been in business for the last 16 years, we have built a strong referral network positioning us as the "go-to" team and recognized leader for HR and Corporate Staff recruitment.

    A key differentiator of our work is our  combined experience in recruiting and leading large-scale HR  organizations locally, allowing us to better understand our clients’  business needs and compliment them with the right talent. Our clients  are usually business professionals who have staffing needs in the human  resources or corporate staffing areas.

    Reasons to Choose Us

    The  reach of our professional network is one of the most expansive in the  Northwest. Our principals come from strong backgrounds in HR and  Recruiting, having held senior level positions in corporate America that  gave them unparalleled expertise in this industry.

    Additionally,  after helping a lot of high-growth and startup companies reach new  heights for almost two decades, we work closely with you to best  understand what your company needs. We then match the best talent for  your continued growth!


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    HR Talent Source, Inc., a niche human resources staffing firm, is one of  the leading HR and corporate staffing companies in the Northwest  supporting a wide variety of industries in search of qualified  candidates to meet company goals.

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